Festival's activities take place at Varnja port.
The programme from 5 pm to 10 pm:
  • Ancient ship "Lodi" creation from wood
  • First aid
  • Food from Peipsi fishes
  • Safety on the water - boat ride
  • Tartu Nature House workshop "Life of a Fish"
  • Fishing rod creation for children
  • Local food, products, and handicraft market
COME AND TRY ON SPOT - dishes, snacks, and drinks made from local ingredients.

PARVEPOISID will come on stage at 8 pm! 
* Workshops and concerts are free of charge for everybody

TICKETS TO BOAT RIDES ON PEIPSI LAKE! (hyperlink not functioning yet)

* For buying a ticket and further info click on the ride! If there are vacancies, the tickets can be purchased on spot by cash.

Accommodation can be found:  http://visitpeipsi.com/en/accommodation/